Monday, May 12, 2014

UFO Sighted in Pine Valley! 

(Now there's a headline to sink yer teeth into.)

Mother's Day brought 10 to 12 inches of much needed wet heavy snow. The snow, besides breaking many limbs of various deciduous trees, (for those living near the Brandin' Iron...that means non-pine trees) it also brought down something even MORE unique.

In the past few weeks the Shoofly has reported on Big Foot sightings, funky refrigerators at the dump, and nasty couches that even a UHP Trooper would pass up while working' the graveyard shift. But the pre-dawn hours of this past Sunday brought a spin and whrrrrr and a sound louder than a dump truck's jake brake on deadman's curve. At first the Shoofly thought it was just the wind whippin' the snow through the trees at the corner of Grass Valley and Main. But then there was a flash an' clatter that made the cattle guard near the Udell's seemed muffled...

The Shoofly took a couple of turns around the area that were almost as thorough a Scott Vance "patrol" and came up empty.

Monday evening, still on the prowl, (well, I was actually making a very unromantic trash run) I found the probable source of the "flash and bam" from pre-dawn Sunday morning. (flash and bam...that's a toned-down version of "shock and awe"...) What I found was a large concave metal disk with scarring on the outer surface and with tears in the surface consistent with a violent collision with some of the famously hard Pine Valley rocks.

A FLYING SAUCER right here in the PV dump! What are the odds? Almost as likely as a camper-shell INSIDE a dumpster instead of OUTSIDE on the ground waiting for the community clean-up day.

Well, to prove anything is possible in PV, below are photos of the camper shell AND the flying saucer. As I close this tale the words of Ron Burgundy...Stay Classy Pine Valley!


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  2. these large items prevent the dumpsters from being emptied ...some good locals will have to extricate them from the dumpsters and take them to Central ... the bumpkins doing this obviously cannot read signs, are too lazy to go to Central and don't give a darn about this community's concerns ...