PV Area

Pine Valley Mountain Wilderness is a 50,232 acre wilderness area located in the Dixie National Forest. It is the fourth largest wilderness area within the state of Utah. The wilderness area designation protects the Pine Valley Mountain range, a large rock outcrop surrounded by high desert. The Pine Valley Mountains form the Pine Valley Laccolith, one of the largest laccoliths in the United States. Elevations in the wilderness range from 6,000 feet to 10,365 feet at the summit of Signal Peak.

The southern half of the area supports a large stand of Englemann spruce. On the south edge of the area, young stands of bristlecone pine are also found. The north half of the area is composed of stands of mixed spruce, subalpine fire, Douglas fir, and Limber pine. Stands of aspen are also found throughout the area.

There are numerous meadows, up to 50 acres in size within the boundaries of the wilderness. The predominant vegetation is mat muhly, subalpine needlegrass, alpine timothy, dandelion, Perry clover, shrubby cinquefoil, fleabane, snowberry, and serviceberry (from Wiki)

To see more information on the area,  maps for hiking, biking, and camping and fishing information click on the link below:

Dixie National Forest, Pine Valley Wilderness Area


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