PV Safety


During the summer months, visitors to Pine Valley and the Dixie Camp Ground swell our population to as many as 2,000 people on weekends.   With so many visitors in this valley, it is crucial that certain ordinances be established and enforced to insure everyone is safe and able to enjoy their stay.  In that effort, the following regulations will be enforced.
  • Posted Speed Limit for ALL vehicles in the Valley is 25 MPH
  • ALL OHV-ATV operator/drivers:
    • Must be at least 8 years of age
    • Must have a license or certificate from an ATV driving school
  • OHV-ATV operator/drivers under 18 years of age
    • Must wear approved helmets
    • Must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  •  OHV/ATV/Side-by-Sides
    •  MUST BE REGISTERED in Utah and have an approved working spark arrester
  • OHV- ATVs must be driven in accordance with all regular vehicle traffic laws and shall only be driven on existing roads
    • NOT across meadows
    • NOT on existing foot trails
    • NO donuts or racing
  • OHV-ATV Operators should respect full-time residents
    • Control speed, noise and dust
    • Drive slower on dirt roads around homes
  • The Sheriff will patrol often and regularly                                                     
  • The Sheriff will enforce ordinances by ticketing offenders
We want all visitors to Pine Valley to have fun, build memories and survive to tell the tale of their time in this Valley.  Please consider everyone when visiting.


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  1. Has anyone lost a black dog? He has been seen in the area of Pine Valley ct. and Alcosta seems to have a tag but won't come close enough to see phone.