Friday, December 13, 2013

One More Post About Gunner

If you're not a dog lover, you might get tired of posts about the found puppy, so just one more--As many of you know who saw the posters, etc., there was a $500 reward for Gunner's return. The people who found him, however, didn't want to accept a reward so it was decided that the money be donated on their behalf.  So, in honor of those who found Gunner and all of those who searched and prayed for him, $300 will be donated to Dixie Care and Share, an organization in St. George that feeds and houses homeless or hungry people and $200 will go to Best Friends Animal Shelter in Kanab, a no-kill shelter that cares for and places hundreds of pets each each.

Gunner is doing well as you can see from the little video clip below where he has picked out his own toy on a shopping trip. I haven't seen his tail stop wagging since he got home! The family is happy, amazed and grateful to all of the people who looked for and cared about Gunner. His family--Paris, Amie, Caleb, Haley and Sophia with you all a Merry Christmas.

Gunner Shopping with Sophia

Does anyone remember who left this pretty headband at the Christmas party? If you know who it belongs call or email and I'll get it back to the owner.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013




Early in the morning on November 29, Gunner, a five-month-old golden retriever puppy was let out of his kennel and allowed to go outside with several other dogs that were visiting with their families for Thanksgiving. Our daughter Amie, the dog’s owner, realized very quickly that there were no sounds of dogs running around the porch, which they always do in the mornings. She hurriedly dressed to check on the silence, and found that the sliding gate on our chain link fence had been closed, but not latched. All of the dogs had squeezed out and taken off to explore.

They had only gone a short distance—north to the Bergeson’s corner and then down near the Windover’s, when she caught up to them and loaded all but the youngest into her van and brought them home. She and other family members immediately began looking for the puppy. We were driving, hiking and peering in spaces and under cabins with a flashlight for three days, but Gunner had simply vanished. There were tracks that could have been his going into the woods, but with other dogs, coyotes in mountain lions in the area, it was impossible to tell. Several of our grandchildren rode with grandpa as he drove around the neighborhoods. Haley, one of Gunner’s young owners shouted, “stop the truck!” Frank was hopeful that she had seen the dog, but instead she wanted to stop so they could all say a prayer. Many Pine Valley residents and many others were also looking and praying for him.

We put up tons of flyers, contacted the sheriff, the animal shelters, the radio station, the veterinarians in the area. People in several states were posting on Facebook, Instagram, blogs and websites. Because there was no response from all the media, we thought it most likely that Gunner hadn’t been taken, but had run into the woods. The weather was cold and snowy when he disappeared, but got much worse, with deep snow and temperatures well below zero for several nights. Coyotes were seen in our neighborhoods; we knew any marauding mountain lions would be hungry. Although we kept looking, we had almost given up hope that a five-month-old puppy that had always been so well cared for could survive such conditions.

Then on the afternoon of December 9, more than ten full days after Gunner disappeared, he was found. Elaine Lindbloom was visiting Cheryl Callahan who lives within the cluster of cabins where the puppy initially disappeared but where we had thoroughly searched a number of time. Elaine noticed a dog on the back porch and asked Cheryl about him, but she hadn’t known he was there. Between Elaine and her husband Ray, they realized that this must be the puppy that Amie had called neighbors about. They tried to call our house, but we were in St. George, and since they were leaving, they took the puppy to the Bergesons who contacted us in town.

That was the beginning of a series of amazed people. I could hardly believe it when Laura called me in St. George. In fact I didn’t even call Amie until I had seen the puppy with my own eyes. When I did call her, she cried from happiness and relief. We left for Vegas immediately with a plan to surprise her husband and kids. To say the family was happy, amazed and grateful would only on touch on their emotions, and Gunner was dirty, a little matted, very skinny and totally exhausted, yet he was the most happy of all.

We want to thank so many people who cared. If Elaine had not coaxed him to him to her and got him to Laura’s, he could have easily wandered off again, wondering where his family was. He is only a little dog and we know that there are so many more serious losses in the world, but still we feel it is such a huge blessing to find him. Unless someone speaks puppy, we will never know what his experiences were for ten days in a harsh environment, but our family is sure that he must have been watched over. We are so grateful for this Christmas miracle.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Even in St. George

Even St. George and surrounding area have had snow and cold weather. The news reported six inches in St. George and my kids in Santa Clara were busy shoveling their driveway yesterday :)


Because the weather is so cold today, now only in Pine Valley (-14 at our house) but in the entire area, all LDS church meetings in the stake have been cancelled! That doesn't happen very often!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's COLD!

Those of you who live out of the valley and check the blog probably already know that the weather has been  COLD and will stay that way for a while. If your pipes aren’t completely drained out, it might be good to make sure that your inside temperature is staying above freezing while you're away. Frozen pipes are no fun!

Just to pass on an idea--we recently purchased and installed a thermostat that can be read, programmed and controlled over Wi-Fi from your iPhone, iPad, etc. There are a few kinds available so we got recommendations from Jeff Gardner who does heating installation and repair. (Accurate Air 435-574-2491) 

We chose the Nest, but there were other possibilities. The installation was pretty easy, but if you’re not the installing kind, I’m sure Jeff could do that for you.  

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

$500 Reward for Gunner

Gunner has been missing for five days now, so if he is still in the valley, his chances of survival are growing slim. We would appreciate it if everyone would watch and listen carefully for any signs of him and maybe look in places around your house where he could be trapped or hiding. We know that lots of people have been looking and thank you for your help and concern.

A $500 reward is offered for his return