Thursday, September 19, 2013

Did You Know?

Did you know that if you purchase your own propane tank, you can choose whatever vendor you want to fill it with fuel? That way you can take advantage of the best prices and save a considerable amount on heating expenses. Several Pine Valley residents have purchased tanks and would be willing to share what they know about prices and vendors. Call Steve Shakespeare (435) 680-5800 or Gene Phillips (702) 375-8005.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hunger Action Month; Feeding America

Pine Valley Residents are encouraged to donate nonperishable food during the "Hunger Action Month" food drive scheduled to conclude this coming Saturday, September 21.

The Food Bank is specifically needing canned meats, peanut butter, and canned vegetables and fruits.

For your convenience,  we will have donation boxes located at our Pine Valley post office where you may donate items. Jim Solitis will be collecting daily and we will make a final pick up Saturday morning, September 21.  At your option, if you are in St. George, you may deliver your items directly to the Utah Food Bank Southern Branch, 4416 S River Road. 

Thanks for your generosity and giving in this and all you do for our community.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Changes from all of the rain

We took a walk on the trail along the river this morning. It was interesting to see the changes from all the rain--the river is full and overflowing. Places that were banks of the river are part of the river and a few trees have lost hold and just fallen in. Everything is green and the ferns are flourishing. There are little streams and ponds where none were before and the reservoir is a nice chocolate brown. The rocks that you are usually able to walk across on the spillway are completely underwater--you can still cross if you wear your floaties :) And of course new and interesting mushrooms are popping up all over.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Foggy, foggy valley

Our view (or lack of it) across the street.

Flash Flood Warning!

Sept 11 at 11:00 a.m.: We just received a warning message on our smart phones that there is a flash flood warning for this area until 11:00 tonight. "Heavy rain is likely to result in local flash flooding. Do not drive vehicles into areas where the water covers the roadway. Precaution and preparedness are advised.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Recent Fire Department Training

Under the direction of Fire Chief Schiefer and Asst. Chief Shakespeare, the Pine Valley fire crew recently underwent some very fine training as shown in the following pictures.  In these photos, the individual firemen learned how to utilize the extrication equipment, implementation of fire shelters, and engine pumping methods using the "pumpkin" as a large water resource for Engine 142.
Each month the well-trained EMTs and fire crews respond to several emergency callouts.

Pine Valley's Beauty...


I'm sure that everyone has noticed the mushrooms popping up all over the valley. It's interesting how they seemingly appear overnight and grow so quickly. I guess that's why we use the term  "to mushroom" when we want to explain something that expands rapidly. 

Here are some pictures of mushrooms all taken from different places in the valley. See if you can find  other kinds; I'm sure there must be many varieties that grow here in the mountains.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hearing on Transmission Line Route

A massive power line project is proposed to go from Wyoming to Las Vegas and beyond.  Tomorrow, Friday the 6th, there will be a public hearing on the Transwest Express Transmission Project in St. George from 4 to 7 pm in the Zion Room of the Jeffrey Holland Centennial Commons building at Dixie State University, 225 S., 700 East.

Several alternative routes are being considered, including one between Pine Valley and Central, although BLM's preferred route lies west of the Utah border before the line enters Washington County.

In Thursday's Spectrum newspaper there is a front page article about the proposed electrical transmission line and the public hearing.  The meeting is open to the public and residents from Pine Valley are encouraged to attend in order to explain and protect their interests.

Plants New to Me

Here's a couple of new plants that I discovered while hiking. Lauren Bergeson and I decided the first one is a wild cherry. We don't know what the second one is; does anyone else?