Saturday, April 5, 2014

Dumpster Divin' Update

Well folks, I must admit I was pretty excited earlier in the week when I visited what Doug Labrum calls, "The Farmer's Co-Op"or what the rest of us call the "Dumpsters". When I arrived I found that someone had taken away the "dead" refrigerators shown in an earlier Post. (I checked with the driver of the trash truck that arrived soon after me who said, " wasn't them.")

I thought I would get my camera, take a picture, and lay some positive reinforcement on those that read these posts and the person or persons that cleaned up the area. One day merged into another and soon it was Saturday(today). I rolled out there with my full trash bag, camera, and a heightened expectation of posting a picture of neatly manicured dumpsters.

Yep, Wrongo Bongo Shoofly.

Where once was a refrigerator grave yard sat a newly arrived corner sectional! You'll see in the photo that, frankly, it's about dang time that nasty couch got thrown [half way] away. I'm guessing, based on the condition, it belonged to a part-timer who took advantage of the better weather and "a weekend without meetings" to leave it NEXT to the dumpsters instead of INSIDE the dumpsters. No one, not even DI, will want that flea bag lookin' couch. It is not THAT big. It could have been hucked into, at the most, two dumpsters. Even better, the Central Dump Station is open Saturday AND Sunday!

Well, thus endth my rant. The area, save for the "new" couches looks pretty good. My thanks to whomever carted the dead 'fridges away.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

An editors mistake :)

Maybe some of you noticed the last post written by our mysterious Shoofly Skallywag disappeared. Please know that it was NOT censured or removed on purpose! Some of the photos this unknown contributor posted were a little askew and I was trying to center them for her/him. In doing so I think it left them again in a draft stage and I didn't notice that the "publish" button still had to be pushed to report them.

Keep contributing Shoofly and please other residents be brave and start posting comments too. At 10,000 miles away, I'm a little too far away to offer to come to your house and show you how, but Laura Burgeson knows how and you could run over there and have her show you. We miss you Pine Valley!

Shoofly's Photo Contributions

When last I posted we were left with the Mystery of the Missing Sasquatch X-ing Sign. Rest assured, sharper minds than mine are, "on the case"...though I did check with the ubiquitous county road crew that cruises into the valley nearly every morning. I held their lunch pails "hostage" until they started ratting each other quickly became obvious the only "socket" they were aware of was the one "a-too-dim-light-bulb" was screwed into. Sigh, the mystery continues.

Onto this week's caper.

In Pine Valley we are blessed with several talented photographers who periodically grace this blog with samples of their skill and artistry in capturing the beauty of The Valley and surrounding areas. To each of you I tip my hat and...sometimes my toupee. (That was added to keep Joan and Kirk on the edge of the couch...)

I thought I would post a couple 'a recent photos I took. Though not nearly the quality of our local artists they hopefully tell a story. (Sadly, the folks that NEED to hear the story very likely do not know how to spell "blog" let alone read these the blog postings, or take in the wonderful photos that Rex, Jodi, and Korrie so graciously share.) The "net-net" or "bottom line" (that's CPA talk for the Dally's) is that these photos, and the story they tell, are not for the vast majority of the PV residents who dutifully show pride in their surroundings...even at the DUMP. There, I said it. You know where I'm going with this...
Yep. For the most part I'm preaching' to the choir. But like the sign say's the dumpsters are here for our CONVENIENCE! If the dumping continues OUTSIDE the bins we may lose the convenience  and have to make the trek down the mountain and (Gasp!) co-mingle our trash with the flat landers in the site in Central. That would be VERY In-Convenient in my book. (Yes, I keep a book...)

Not to be a whiner I have taken a couple a steps...

First, I checked with the Manager of the Central dump site and learned that they would gladly accept the "dead refrigerators" if I hauled them down.

Second, since my Bun Runner is too small to carry one, let alone three, dead refers I sent another PV resident, who owns a flat bed trailer an e-mail asking him if he would take them down. Though he doesn't know who asked, he said yes.

Third...and this is the fun part...I asked a local hunter, skilled in the art of skullduggery, to mount one of his Trail Cams in a hidden spot. Maybe, just maybe the Trail Cam will get a photo of the flake(s) as they dump their next load of junk OUTSIDE a dumpster. Then I'll have some really good dump photos to post! (At the very least there ought to be a couple of pics of some of us peering into the trees trying to see the Trail Cam.)

Well, until next time mind your manners at the dump.

Shoofly Skallywag