Saturday, April 5, 2014

Dumpster Divin' Update

Well folks, I must admit I was pretty excited earlier in the week when I visited what Doug Labrum calls, "The Farmer's Co-Op"or what the rest of us call the "Dumpsters". When I arrived I found that someone had taken away the "dead" refrigerators shown in an earlier Post. (I checked with the driver of the trash truck that arrived soon after me who said, " wasn't them.")

I thought I would get my camera, take a picture, and lay some positive reinforcement on those that read these posts and the person or persons that cleaned up the area. One day merged into another and soon it was Saturday(today). I rolled out there with my full trash bag, camera, and a heightened expectation of posting a picture of neatly manicured dumpsters.

Yep, Wrongo Bongo Shoofly.

Where once was a refrigerator grave yard sat a newly arrived corner sectional! You'll see in the photo that, frankly, it's about dang time that nasty couch got thrown [half way] away. I'm guessing, based on the condition, it belonged to a part-timer who took advantage of the better weather and "a weekend without meetings" to leave it NEXT to the dumpsters instead of INSIDE the dumpsters. No one, not even DI, will want that flea bag lookin' couch. It is not THAT big. It could have been hucked into, at the most, two dumpsters. Even better, the Central Dump Station is open Saturday AND Sunday!

Well, thus endth my rant. The area, save for the "new" couches looks pretty good. My thanks to whomever carted the dead 'fridges away.

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  1. Whoever you are, Shoofly, its a fun read and we get mad as well at the sloppiness of some who think its ok to trash the trash.