Monday, May 19, 2014

Strut Yer Mutt Coming Soon

Well I'll be dawged...the community is hosting its first annual dog show on May 31st on the grass parking lot at the PV Chapel.

This oughta be interesting and the Shoofly is putting this at the top of my MUST ATTEND LIST!

I can't wait to witness the various judging categories; to wit:

Best Sniffer

Best Tricks

Ugliest Mutt (and Prettiest Owner)

Best Cuff Clamp (for Joan that means "bite")

Best Lookin' Leash (I heard someone has matching bow ties and leashes!)

Best Catch...With and Without a Plastic Bag (don't go there...)

Those are just a few of the categories but I'm down with 'em all! Not sure what entertainment will be provided beyond the much hoped-for dog fights, dog bites, and flea bites but here's my suggestion...

I would love to see a come back of the four dudes that sang for us all at the Fire Station Valentines Bash. If you don't remember them here's a photo to jog (or "walk") your memory back to that stellar performance:

                             Kenworthy, Dalley, Woodbury, and Grey...(with Reva tickling the Ivory's)

Not sure, but "me thinks" Dalley has his pants rolled up in anticipation of the "Best Catch" contest...let's hope so.

If Strut Yer Mutt isn't on your to-do list...put it there and attend...or your absence may be fodder for the Shoofly's next blog post.

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