Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Proposed Solution

If the Pine Valley dump was located in South Africa, you would have no problem with people filling the dumpsters with the wrong things—unwanted furniture, appliances, car parts, old flying saucers—because everything here is wanted. In the very day that those things were dumped, I can guarantee that the recyclers would have sorted it out, broke it down, bundled it up and hauled it away. These men don’t have trucks—with rickety little flat carts, they pull amazingly big and heavy loads, sometimes controlling them down steep grades. We often see them walking alongside the highway miles away from the places where they have gathered their recycled materials on their way to the collection points. 

But of course there are no hard working recyclers at the Pine Valley dump to take care of your trash so I agree, a more practical solution would be that people with large items to throw away would continue down the highway in their one-ton pickups for another couple of miles to dump it in the appropriate place (and where some of it at least will be recycled.)

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