Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Washington County Emergency Alert System; Register Now

New Alert System will help Washington County Residents Receive Information and Warnings Quicker
by Pete Kuhlmann, Washington County Office of Emergency Services
Published - 08/04/14 - 09:16 AM

(ST. GEORGE, Utah) - In an emergency the ability to receive information and warnings can mean the difference between life and death. To assist in providing information to the public, Washington County Emergency Response agencies are using the Everbridge Emergency Alert System. The system allows us to contact residents by text, phone or email to alert them to emergencies in their neighborhoods. The system allows emergency managers to send out critical information to multiple residents and locations quickly allowing for the rapid dissemination of alerts, evacuations and other emergency messages. The system can also be used to alert residents to planned events such as water repair shut-offs, planned power outages, and road closures.

The system uses existing landline phone data to allow for contact. If you are using a cell phone or computer based VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) system, you may not be included in the data base. You can register your cell phone or VOIP based phone with your address to allow you to receive messages on the system that will help keep you informed of emergencies happening in your neighborhood. You can customize how you will receive messages and can define what messages you will receive by registering on the system.

Registration is easy. You can register on the internet at The registration portal allows VOIP and cell phone users to add their address, contact information and phone numbers to the Emergency Alert database, and to select the types of alerts they will receive. If you are a Century Link customer, with a home based, landline phone, your home number should already be in the database. Registering allows you to select the types of alerts you will receive on your home phone and you can add your cell number to allow you to receive alerts even if you are away from your home phone. You can register up to three phone numbers.

Washington County Emergency Services and our emergency response partners encourage all county residents to use the portal to register and insure we are able to keep you informed in the event of an emergency. “IF WE CAN’T REACH YOU, WE CAN’T ALERT YOU.” If you have trouble registering or have other questions you can contact Washington County Emergency Services at(435)634-5734. We will be happy to assist you in registering to help enhance your ability to receive critical information in times of emergency.

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