Friday, August 8, 2014

Pine Valley Fishermen's society members

Layne Frei, Gerald Schiefer, Hugh Johnson with their 80 yrs old Birthday cake - them, not the cake! AND the plaque for the Pine Valley Fishermen's Society.  Hugh will keep it for the rest of 2014 or until someone catches a big fish, has it weighed and measured with the help of another society member (anyone in the Valley 65 or older), caught from the Pine Valley Reservoir. The next 10 years the plaque will be passed to the 'Owner' of the biggest fish. So, men. Get fishing!!


  1. How about a "Fisherperson" award if some of the women want to try?

  2. Could you please attach a picture of this "big" fish (you know how those fish stories go :) If there is to be an award, there has to be proof :)