Sunday, August 4, 2013

Schedule for Gardening Forum

Our first gardening forum was fun and we learned a lot from each other. We discussed soils (specifically Pine Valley) as planned, but then also added a couple of topics that participants wanted to discuss--grasshopper damage and whether to plant flowers in the summer. As indicated on the first announcement, the group decided to meet at different homes/gardens for the five meetings so that we can see what other gardeners do. The schedule will be as follows:
  • Week 1: Maxine Davie (this past week)
  • Week 2: Connie Web (she has some seeds and seedlings to share)
  • Week 3: Sharron Northington
  • Week 4: Laura Bergeson
  • Week 5: TBA (I'll update this when I know for sure)
Everyone is invited--men and women :)

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