Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fun Hike for Families

At our recent family reunion we took the family on a hike to Kanara Falls.  We recommend it for anyone who can hike as it is beautiful.  You have to walk in the stream for about 1 1/2 miles, kind of in and out of the stream, and then you come to the cave (actually a narrows with wonderful high rock formations) which is so beautiful.  Nature is gorgeous there.  You can walk up the falls on a pole ladder if you are brave and go on, but we just went to that spot.  Here are pictures to entice you.  Try it, you'll love it especially the walking in the stream.  Too fun.  Go to Kanaraville, and one of the streets there near Big Trees goes up the mountain and you park in a lot, then start hiking.  Follow the road for a while to the stream, then walk up the stream to the cave/narrows.  Kids and adults need shoes for the stream.

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