Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pine Valley Children's Summer Activities

Pine Valley is the ideal place to be during the summer for anyone, but especially if you are a child!  We want the children who come to visit or spend their summer here to have memories and fun, so we are doing something to help.
Every Tuesday from June 4th through August27th we will be having Mid-Week Children's Activities.  We will meet at the Tithing House yard at 10:00am (unless otherwise announced) and will play and have activities until 11:30am.
                              ALL CHILDREN AGES 4-11 ARE WELCOME!!!!
                  (These activities are NOT limited to members of the LDS Church in any way.) 
We hope ALL children will come join us for the fun.  We DO ask, though, that for safety reason, any child under the age of 6 be accompanied by an adult family member OR older sibling who is capable of helping with restroom issues.  We will NOT be assisting your children inside the restroom, so they need to have a family member there who can help with that and any other issues small little ones may have.

We have lots of fun activities planned, games day, skit day, art day, nature walks, hikes, movie day, talent show, possible pet show...lots of fun things.
Each child will need to be registered by a parent so we have a phone number for emergencies, allergy info, and other information helpful to us as we play and have fun.   NO child will be allowed to leave without an adult signing them out for safety reasons.  It is Pine Valley but our children are too precious to risk.  We appreciate your cooperation with that.
   Again.....ALL CHILDREN AGES 4-11 ARE WELCOME!!!    The Fun starts June 4th at 10:00 am  Hope to see you there!
Call Sue Woodbury with any questions...(912) 596-0723

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