Thursday, May 16, 2013

Can you identify this plant?

This isn't a trick question. I have been wondering what this plant is. It grows on the more moist parts of the connecting trail between Forsyth and Whipple and nowhere else that I have noticed. It comes up from a bulb, almost like hyacinth. When the blossoms open, they are a pale yellow--not too showy, but cute. Anyone know what it is?
Just as the blossom head begins to form



  1. It's Possible that it is a variety of a Yellow Spiderwort, or yellow spider flower. I've seen them before as well up here, and I've always wondered myself. Pretty!

  2. Nope, I'm wrong, I take that back....I have 4 growning in my yard, and they are called "Foothill Death Camus" or "Mountain Death Camus", and they are of the Lilly family. :)

  3. Yes. The Death Camus is extremely poisonous, hence the name!