Monday, December 12, 2016

Dixie Power and CoBank Donate $5000 to PV Fire Department

Dixie Power and CoBank team up to donate $5,000 to Pine Valley Fire Department
The purpose of cooperatives is plain and simple: to be a benefit to its members and the local community where they reside. Such is the case with Dixie Power. In conjunction with CoBank, a cooperative financing institution, and Dixie Power, a local non- profit utility cooperative, together presented a $5,000 donation to The Pine Valley Fire Department on November 30, 2016 in St. George, Utah.
Every year Dixie Power looks for ways to help members of their local community through donations to non-profit organizations. Throughout the years Dixie Power has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to benefit the community.
This past year, wildfires hit the Pine Valley area particularly hard in the little town just outside of St George. Dixie Power services hundreds of people in the Pine Valley area with power.
Dixie Power partners with other cooperatives to conduct business in order to save members money.
 As a cooperative lender, CoBank is one of the financial institutions that support Dixie Power by providing capital for their operational expenditures.  CoBank also looks for opportunities to give back to the members that support them, such as Dixie Power. One of the ways CoBank offers their support is through their “Sharing Success Matching Grant Program”.  CoBank’s grant program matches donations from their members, such as Dixie Power, as a way of supporting local communities who utilize Dixie Power’s services. It is definitely a win-win strategy.  Chery Hulet, Chief Financial Officer of Dixie Power, said, “CoBank understands cooperative values and this program ties directly in to the cooperative purpose.” With the recent wildfires in Pine Valley, it was the perfect opportunity to team up with CoBank and donate to help our members in that area who support us every day.”
Rick Peetz, Assistant Fire Chief and EMT of the Pine Valley Fire Department, was present to receive the donation from Dixie Power and CoBank. “On behalf of the 37 members of the Pine Valley Fire Department, we are extremely grateful for the donation. The wildfires were particularly difficult for us this year in that area. This contribution will help pay for a major portion of a retired brush truck that will be purchased from the Forest Service.” The brush truck will allow the Pine Valley Fire Department to respond quickly to fires and other emergencies in the area. Dixie Power is proud to support first responders throughout the community and recognize the important role they play in protecting our citizens of Southern Utah. This donation is just one more way Dixie Power sole purpose is to provide value and benefit to its members.
Note--Rick Peetz is Pine Valley's representative on the board of Dixie Power

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