Thursday, July 10, 2014

White Prickly Poppy

Argemon, or White Prickly Poppy, can now be seen blooming in Pine Valley.  A member of the poppy family, Prickly Poppy gets its name from the many sharp spines on its leaves.  These spiny leaves prevent cows from grazing on the plant, which is a good thing since it is slightly poisonous to cattle.

The Prickly Poppy's seeds are a major food source for birds.  The seeds contain 25.8% oil, and are comparable to soybeans in oil content.  The oil is of such good quality that it was used as a light lubrication alternative during World War 2!

This is another plant that is even more fun to observe when you know its name and a few facts about it.  Look for the showy white blossoms on a spiny plant growing along roadsides and in waste places.

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