Saturday, June 28, 2014


Don't toss the purslane - eat it instead!

Purslane is happily growing in our garden. I didn't plant it, the critters don't touch it, it doesn't need any special nutrients, and it is probably more nutritious than all the other plants in the garden that I DID plant. It is the highest of any vegetable in omega fatty acids!

We use it raw in salads and smoothies as it has a mild flavor and is slightly lemony. You can steam or stir fry or use it in a tempura batter.  There is a reason that purslane was Ghandi's favorite vegetable!  It is very delicious.

Look for a low growing succulent plant with a reddish stem that is juicy and thick.  The leaves grow right off the stem and are paddle shaped.   Be sure not to confuse purslane with spurge, which has wiry stems and is poisonous! 

Purslane Leaves and Stems

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