Wednesday, July 3, 2013

4th of July Celebrations in Pine Valley

History of July 4th Pine Valley Celebrations

     From as far back as I can remember, Pine Valley has had an Independence Day Celebration. The men of the valley planned weeks ahead and got permission from the Fish and Game Department to get enough venison to Dutch oven the meat in addition to local home grown potatoes, fried with onion and bacon grease for the celebration in the campground.  The ladies were busy making potato salad, delicious pies of all kinds, mainly berry and/or fruit pies, cooking beans, sharing their favorite recipes and gathering utensils and platters for the St. George tomatoes that were ordered and for the afternoon’s festivities. 

     The young ‘ens were excited about the boxes of Cracker Jacks that came with the Snows from ‘O P Skaggs’ owned by J. C. “Clint’ Snow in St. George.  The kids were also excited to dip their toes in the ice cold creek water, chase through the trees, enjoy the games and relays and watch their parents visit over the picnic tables under the stately pine trees.

     Over time the generations have changed, the campgrounds have changed and the Chapel lawn has become the ‘gathering place’ to pay our respects for our freedoms and our country.

     Let us know your memories and we’ll add them to the Pine Valley Blog.

Mary Esther Putnam

Vere Beckstrom, Rex Gardener and Bruce Snow preparing the venison steaks for the picnic.

Residents gather for potluck and celebration

Effie Snow, Carrie Jacobson and Alice Snow each attended more than 50 of the celebrations.

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